Bandai BB Senshi #099 Sekiryu Gundam - Kidultverse
Bandai BB Senshi #099 Sekiryu Gundam - Kidultverse

BB Senshi #099 Sekiryu Gundam


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BB Senshi #099 Sekiryu Gundam

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The Vermilion Dragon Gundam (Red Warrior) serves as the leader of the volunteer army opposing the Yellow Tiger Bandits. Not only is he highly skilled as a strategist, but he also excels in combat with his swift movements, often leading the charge in battle. His character is modelled after Zhang Fei.

Unlike the White and Azure Dragons, the origins and past of the Vermilion Dragon are shrouded in mystery, known to come from lands beyond Shadow Dance Chaos. However, it is widely believed, based on his acquaintance with the Knight of the Round Table, the Beautiful Knight Red Warrior from the Kingdom of Britis, that he likely hails from Sudori Akaworld or its vicinity—a theory lent credence by their purported kinship.

In the sequel, "Legend of the Great Generals," he becomes the Crimson Dragon Gundam.

Flame Halberd / Vermilion Dragon Cannon

Special Move/Technique:
Scorching Bullet

BB Warrior No.99: Comes equipped with weapons as described. Armour can be removed for a light-armoured variant. Can mount Dragon Horse - Crimson. The 'Red' flag is made by cutting out part of the instruction manual. Bullets can be fired from the Vermilion Dragon Cannon. The Red Warrior emerges when equipped with the disassembled Vermilion Dragon Cannon in light-armoured mode.

Some product descriptions are based on translations from the official Japanese release information.
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Barcode: 4573102635945
Product instruction: The package box is for delivery only. An exchange request cannot be accepted for a new box due to damage or stain. Including the packaging and logo, specifications for this product may change without notice. The actual contents may vary from photos and illustrations shown on the packages. The images are for illustrative purposes only. This package contains one set of "BB Senshi #099 Sekiryu Gundam" only. No glue is required. Including the packaging and logo, specifications for this product may change without notice. Bubbles may be present in the plastic or clear parts from manufacturing.

Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts and plastic bags may cause a choking hazard. Kept out of the reach of very young children and to be used under the direct supervision of an adult. This product is not a toy and is classified as a collectible detailed model or decoration display figure. It requires considerable skill and assembly intended for age 15 or above and is recommended to be direct supervision by an adult.

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